“The one-on-one attention at SPC is not found anywhere else.”
-Abhinav Sharma

There is no doubt that the faculty as a whole is truly invested in their students at SPC. ”
-Erin Baker

“St. Petersburg College took me where I am today and I appreciate every bit of it.”
– Michael McCauley

“I boast about SPC because it gave me a front-line position in leadership and opportunity.”
– Sheree Clark


“I was fortunate to be taught by the best teachers and have made lifelong friends along the way.”
–Nikita Laws


“They helped me remove barriers and challenged me academically so I could leave this place really proud of the education that I received.”
– Linaea Floden

“If I want to take a class here on campus and two online, I can do that. That’s a really good thing for a lot of people.”
- Richard Quartararo

“College has been a wonderful experience for me because it got me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in so many different ways.”
– Charles McAbee

“I learned to depend on myself...I learned that I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for.”
– Stephanie LaRussa

“I had personal relationships with my SPC teachers. They cared about me. If I didn’t get something they took the time to really explain it.”
– Katelyn Pilsbury

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St. Petersburg College gives you a solid foundation for achievement and success in school and the workplace. With more than 100 academic programs and an innovative network of support and partnerships.

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